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Why Go Natural?

Going natural is an easy decision. Actually, we don’t think it is much of a decision at all. However, most people don’t understand the truth about chemicals and the natural alternatives. Once most people understand the truth they always make the decision to go natural!

We find that answering the four main misconceptions about natural lawn care is the easiest way to inform and help people make their own decision on their health. Below are the most common misconceptions with their appropriate responses.

Late Fall and Early Winter Rain Followed by Freeze

Last weeks rain could be a problem for us come spring in areas where it does not drain off. When mother nature delivers lots of moisture followed by a hard freeze we can get the ‘skating rink’ effect. The standing water on the turf freezes and kills off the crowns of the grassy plants. You see the same thing when someone installs a backyard skating rink. Those areas appear as dead spots in the spring and will need to be re-seeded. Prevention is about planning for good run off during initial landscaping.