Why Go Natural?

Going natural is an easy decision. Actually, we don’t think it is much of a decision at all. However, most people don’t understand the truth about chemicals and the natural alternatives. Once most people understand the truth they always make the decision to go natural!

We find that answering the four main misconceptions about natural lawn care is the easiest way to inform and help people make their own decision on their health. Below are the most common misconceptions with their appropriate responses.

  1. “I really don’t think that lawn chemicals are actually harmful, are they?”

    Yes, many lawn chemicals are highly dangerous! Special safety gear and containment regulations are required for all applicators and manufacturers of any lawn chemical. All lawn chemicals come with government warnings for the serious health risks or possible death with either skin contact or inhalation.

    In contrast, many of our environmentally oriented products require no special protective gear or regulations. In fact you often find our technicians wearing shorts and sandals instead of space-suit style protection.

  2. “Lawn chemicals won’t actually hurt the environment, they just stay in our lawn.”

    Unfortunately this is untrue. Many lawn chemicals have a residual life that is more than enough time to wash into our water system. Whether the chemical actually makes it to the closest well or body of water it is still having negative effects on our environment. Wildlife, pets and children absorb lawn chemicals every time they are in contact with chemically treated grass. These toxins do not disappear, but build up over time and can lead to cancer, sickness, and many other problems.

    Many states have banned lawn chemicals from usage on all schools and public properties. Canada has banned almost all usage of lawn chemicals on both private and public land. Why should we feel comfortable spreading these toxins on our properties?

  3. “All lawn businesses are the same, right?”

    Wrong. At bioLawn we take our work as a service to our community, not a way to make profits. In fact, we donate a portion of our after tax profits to charitable efforts in local communities and to impoverished nations abroad.

    We feel that it is our service to protect people’s health, environment and world. We want everyone to have a lush, weed-free, natural landscape to enjoy life in. Your home can be a positive environment for you and your family and also be a means of helping others!

  4. “Environmental lawn care doesn’t produce as good of results as chemicals.”

    This opinion baffles us every time we hear it! The very idea of natural lawn care is to build a healthier lawn from the roots up. Our lawns are healthier, deeper, more beautiful, more drought resistant, and lower maintenance than our chemical counter parts. Our exclusive products also control pests and weeds on your property! See our About Organics page for more details on how this works.

  5. “I want to go environmental, but it’s just too expensive.”

    On the contrary, many times our natural services are equally priced or cheaper than chemical companies. With this said, going natural is all about benefits. We see it in terms of getting what you pay for. As a proof of this, most golf courses, whose largest expense is lawn treatments, are now using natural products, because it actually lowers their costs on long-term lawn maintenance.

    With these answers in mind, we feel that it is important that everyone take the green leap and go environmental. Please join the cause today and switch to a healthier lifestyle!