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When it comes to maintaining the look and health of your lawn, you have two options: you could attempt to maintain your yard yourself, or you could hire a professional lawn service to do the hard work for you. While many homeowners might initially think that DIY lawn care and maintenance is the best option, there are many reasons why a lawn service may actually be the better option. If you are trying to decide whether to continue maintaining your own yard, or hire a lawn care service, here are just a few of the many benefits of having a professional take care of your lawn for you.


For many people the greatest benefit of a lawn care service is that it frees up time to devote to other activities. Hiring professionals allows you to maximize your time on other important and valuable things while your lawn is taken care of and maintained without fuss.


Contrary to what some people may think, hiring a lawn care professional can actually save you money in the long run. Neglecting your landscape can cause problems such as allowing invasive weeds and pests to take up residence on your property or cause plants to die. The cost of fixing these problems often overshadows the price of hiring professional lawn maintenance that could’ve prevented any huge problems . There is also the opportunity cost of doing your own lawn.

Opportunity cost is the loss of potential gain by choosing one alternative over another. In other words, the time and energy you spend maintaining your lawn is time and energy being lost doing something else. If it takes you two hours a week to do lawn maintenance and the cost of having a professional to do the same work costs staying at the office one hour, then you can add another hour to your day by staying at work an extra hour a week and hiring a lawn care service. You can also think of the more abstract costs, like the time lost that could be spent with friends and family or used for self-improvement.


If you want your lawn to be at its best health and appearance, then a professional lawn care service is what you’ll need. The average homeowner will not have the knowledge and expertise of a professional who does this for a living. Even if you do find instructions on proper lawn maintenance, they won’t be specific to your lawn. Alternatively, a professional will know exactly what your yard needs, and will be able to create a unique care plan for your yard.


Another element that comes with being a professional is having the right tools for the job. Hiring a professional doesn’t only mean you get their expertise, but also their toolkit with all of the proper equipment needed to take care of your lawn. Lawn services, like bioLawn, go even farther, by providing safe, alternative chemicals that are natural and organic.

If you were to purchase the arsenal of tools and supplies needed to maintain your lawn at the professional level, it would cost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars! Hiring a lawn care service not only frees you from having to buy all the necessary equipment, but frees up the time it would take to properly maintain the equipment as well.


True professional lawn care and landscaping companies have certifications in the industry, which means they have the experience and the proper training to perform the work at a standard level. One of the things you should consider when hiring a professional lawn care service is liability insurance. It’s important that you hire a lawn care company with liability insurance so you won’t have to worry about the financial burden arising from any damage caused on your property by the company.


When it comes to your lawn care, hiring a professional lawn care service like bioLawn has many advantages! Ready to get started? Contact us today and one of our representatives will guide you through our processes and what you can expect working with us!



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