Why Is the End of Summer and Early Fall the Best Time for Seeding?

As summer gives way to fall, we are starting to see cooler days and nights. At this time of year, key environmental factors align to create the perfect conditions for planting grass seed. These key factors for successful grass seed establishment include warm soils, adequate water, reduced competition from weeds, and fertility. In Minnesota, the […]

Controlling Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are the bane of summer’s existence. Bug spray only works for so long. Some essential oils can ward them off for a time as well, but short of a good hard frost, not much else gets rid of these little wonders. However, you can reduce their presence and make your summer evenings much more […]

New Year Email Signup

EMAIL SIGNUP It's a new year and we're ready to get started with all of your lawn care needs! Fill out the form below to sign up for our email newsletter! We'll keep you updated on what's new at bioLawn, offer helpful tips and advice, as well as any promotions we're offering. We do not [...]

“Stay Off the Lawn” Sign

FREE Sign from bioLawn The weight of people or large items on your lawn during the winter months can cause damage in the spring. Discourage people from walking across the grass, keep pathways and sidewalks clear of snow and ice to keep people from taking shortcuts across your lawn, and NEVER park a vehicle on [...]

Is Lawn Aeration Necessary?

The simplest trick to maintaining a beautiful lawn is to exercise good lawn care practices like properly mowing, fertilizing and watering. It is also important to make sure that nutrients can reach the soil beneath the grass. Aeration can be a VITAL element to a healthy lawn because it enables air and water penetration into the soil and circumvents [...]

What Type of Grass Are You?!

Some believe that your lawn reflects different parts of your personality. Whether it’s clean and tidy, covered with lawn ornaments, or made from AstroTurf, we tend to think there’s some truth in that. However, have you ever wondered what grass type best suits your personality? We chose a handful of grasses below. What type of grass are you?

Quackgrass Removal

QUACKGRASS REMOVAL Rid your lawn of invasive plants by learning how to identify and remove them. IDENTIFYING QUACKGRASS Quackgrass (Elymus repens) is a grass that often infects lawns in the early spring. it is easy to differentiate from typical lawn-type grasses by its broader grass blades and if you run your finger along the blade, it [...]