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Proper Organics Benefits Everyone

Our treatments consist of several natural products that we have developed from years of research and testing. We try to stay humble, but we believe that our “proper organics” products are simply the best in the business!

Our commercial services start with a soil and landscape analysis by one of our experts to determine exactly what you’re organization property needs. Our lawn care services are customized for each customer’s property to make sure your property looks its best.

All of our services can be scheduled for times away from your business hours so that we do not disturb your operations or customers.

With bioLawn you won’t need to worry about how your property looks. We keep our eyes on your property so that you don’t have to. Our technicians and account managers will monitor your property and send a monthly analysis report to make sure that our services are optimizing your property’s beauty and natural abilities.

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Lawn Care

We have customized fertilizer programs to give your lawn the right mix of fertilizer at the right time of the season. Our all-natural fertilizer and weed control applications are standard with each treatment. We service everything from small businesses to large institutions and school districts. All commercial customers receive free soil tests and unlimited consulting from our trained natural lawn specialists.

NR151 Compatibility

Starting on 3/1/2008, all Wisconsin properties with lawn areas over five acres will need an NR151 land usage plan. We are your source for NR151 compliance! We will do your soil mapping, documenting, legal writing, and book printing. Our charge will usually represent an 80-90% savings over hiring a lawyer to complete this new requirement!

Pest Control

We understand the serious damage that insects and animals can cause to your property. That is why we have several different natural strategies for ridding your lawn from any pests you may have a problem with. We will set up a preventative pest plan to make sure that problems won’t have the chance to start. Our technicians also pay close attention to your property when we come to fertilize, and will notify you of any problems they detect and the possible solutions.

Some common pests that we handle are:

  • Asian Beetles
  • Box Elder Bugs
  • Ants
  • Moles
  • Deer
  • Perimeter Pests (spiders, centipedes, etc. that come in at the base of building foundations)

Tree and shrub care with our sister – bioTree

Even with a spotless lawn, unhealthy trees and shrubs can give people a bad impression of your organization. Dutch elm disease, root rot, and leaf spot are common problems! That is why we have developed special natural treatments to keep your landscape plants and trees looking their best year after year. Unlike other lawn companies in the Midwest, we can cure diseases and problems without the use of harmful chemicals.

bioTree’s tree and shrub services include:

  • Micro-injection disease control
  • Deep root fertilizing
  • Tree pruning
  • Shrub trimming
  • And much more. Click on the link below or go to


Unfortunately not every lawn comes to us in good condition. We will aerate and slit seed lawns to bring them back to their natural beauty. Aerating and slit seeding can restore a lawn to a deep and beautiful look. Also, the cost is usually less than 10% the cost of a new lawn installation using sod!

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