You have questions? bioLawn has answers!

Signing Up:


  • How do I locate a representative in my area?

    Submit an online request by clicking Request an Estimate on the right side of the screen. We will contact you to set up an evaluation. Our evaluations usually start with on online assessment using specialized high definition aerial photography software, followed by an onsite visit.

  • How do I sign up?

    You can sign up online by clicking Client Login in the upper right corner of any page. You can also sign up over the phone or by email. Our goal is to be the easiest company to work with so you have lots of options on how to move forward.

  • Do I have to sign a contract?

    No. Our services are for your benefit, and your lawn’s needs can change throughout the year. When you sign up, you will need to sign a statement confirming which services you would like us to perform, but you can change, cancel, or postpone any service at any time. However, once we perform an agreed upon service we do not give refunds.

  • How do I choose which services I need?

    We have information about most services on this website for you to review. Our representatives and specialists will also be able to help you with any additional questions you have.

    We are always happy to give you a free analysis, just request a free estimate on this website and we will come to your house to assess your specific needs. Whether you get an estimate or not, our technician will look over the property during the first application to reassess any special needs you may have.

  • What do I have to do after I sign up?

    Relax! You will be scheduled for services throughout the season, and our technicians will track your property’s natural progress throughout the year to make sure your landscape is looking its best. We will notify you if your property needs any changes to its service plan. Watch for updates on the website, our newsletter, and product updates in the mail.

  • How do I pay?

    You can either PrePay for services and receive a discount or set-up AutoPay and your credit card or checking account will be charged following each application. You can pay by check or credit card. If credit card, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Payment can be sent by mail, given over the phone, or you can Login into your personal bioCare Online Account and manage everything from there.

Turf Questions:


  • Do I have to do anything to my lawn?

    All you have to do is follow the proper mowing and watering techniques. Other than that watch and enjoy your natural lawn!

  • What do I do if I don’t have a lawn?

    No treatment can create grass where there is none, but it will drastically speed up the growing process for seedlings, and it helps other plants as well, such as trees, shrubs, and garden plants. We can recommend a preferred lawn installation business for you.

  • How long will it take for the grass to improve?

    Depending on the weather, you should see a difference in lawn quality within a week. Proper watering and mowing will make it take effect faster.

  • Do natural treatments help with weeds?

    Yes. Having a good, strong lawn will help prevent many weeds from cropping up. We also integrate a weed control program into our fertilizer schedule to kill off any previously existing weeds and weeds that sneak in over time.

  • How much do I have to water my lawn for the fertilizer to work?

    All grass varieties in the Midwest need a deep watering every few days to keep the roots deep and strong.

    Often nature itself will provide this through summer rain. But if we have summer droughts, as we’ve had over the past few years, you will need to irrigate your lawn to supplement the rainwater.

  • When can I go on my lawn after you fertilize?

    Immediately! Our fertilizer is completely safe to touch, and emits no harmful residue, so you can use your lawn to its full potential the minute we leave. We do ask that you wait at least a day to mow. Remember, if your lawn required a weed treatment it is best to stay off until the application has dried, or 24 hours.

  • Can my pets go on the lawn? What if they eat the grass?

    Pets are one of the main reasons our customers choose bioLawn. They can play on your lawn immediately after many treatments. Feel free to let them romp, frolic, roll, and dig (if that’s okay with you). If your lawn required a weed treatment it is best to keep pets off the lawn until the application has dried, or 24 hours.

  • Do I have to water?

    Maybe. Even if you do not fertilize your lawn, it needs regular water to stay alive. You will sometimes need to water manually when we do not get enough rain.

    When you do choose to have fertilizer applied to your lawn, a regular watering schedule is essential to give the grass what it needs to soak up the nutrients from the fertilizer.

    The grass does NOT need extra water to make the fertilizer work, but it does need a normal, healthy amount.

  • Does going natural mean I will have a lot of weeds?

    No. We keep close attention to the weed conditions on each of our lawns, and we take care of any weeds that begin to pop up. We will assess your lawn and let you know of your options.

  • How often do I need fertilizer to have a nice lawn?

    Ideally a lawn needs fertilizer about once a month throughout the growing season to stay deep, green, and lush. Depending on the weather and the kind of soil and shade that you have, you might need less or more, but six applications in a year is almost always recommended in the Midwest.

  • What do I do if I don’t know what’s wrong with my lawn?

    We’d be happy to run a diagnosis on your lawn to find out what it needs to look beautiful and be natural. We’re always happy to come out and look at your lawn, run a few tests, and then assess its needs.

  • Can you fertilize my garden?

    Yes. In addition to our standard lawn treatments, we also have fertilizing and pest control treatments for trees and shrubs. Please enquire about these options when you contact us.

Fertilizer Questions:


  • Do I need to hire another company to take care of the weeds and pests?

    No. We integrate a weed control program into our fertilizer schedule and we use the safest weed control products while still providing you with an award-winning lawn.

  • I love your products! Will you marry me?

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