Lawn Care in Bloomington, MN

We are happy to offer lawn care in Bloomington! Our lawn service programs help create a healthy, weed-free lawn. We service all of Bloomington and we’re even taking clients all the way south to River Falls,  east to New Richmond and West to Minneapolis. No matter where you are in Bloomington or the surrounding area, bioLawn can help your lawn become naturally thicker and weed-free!

Bloomington Lawn Care Services

Lawn service in Bloomington, MN is quickly becoming a household necessity. As Bloomington homeowners are looking to reinvest in their properties,  the secret is getting out… A great way to improve your property value is to hire a professional lawn service to improve your lawn’s health!

bioLawn provides a solid, professional lawn care service in Bloomington that is both cost-effective and efficient. Bloomington lawn care has never been better since bioLawn began providing service! Let’s boost your property’s look and spread the word throughout Bloomington that the best lawn care is provided by bioLawn!



655 Hayward Ave N.
Oakdale, MN 55128

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