Rid your lawn of invasive plants by learning how to identify and remove them.


Quackgrass (Elymus repens) is a grass that often infects lawns in the early spring. it is easy to differentiate from typical lawn-type grasses by its broader grass blades and if you run your finger along the blade, it will have a coarse, burr-like feel to it. Quackgrass is often mistaken as crabgrass, but an easy way to differentiate the two is to look at the auricles. The auricle is the part where the blade wraps around the stem.

quackgrass auricle
Quackgrass showing “clasping” auricles
Crabgrass Auricle
Crabgrass lacks clasping auricles

Quackgrass has auricles that clasp around the stem, while crabgrass lacks this feature. Another way to identify the differences between the two is the time of the year they sprout. In the midwest, quackgrass sprouts up in the early spring, while crabgrass usually appears in the middle of summer.


quackgrass control, quackgrass removal

As with any invasive weed, the best way to control quackgrass is to avoid having it get in your lawn in the first place. Any plants that you bring home should be carefully checked for quackgrass and any that is found should be quickly removed. Frequent mowing will also discourage quackgrass from growing.

Another essential part of ridding your lawn of quackgrass is to act quickly when you do find it. Quackgrass moves quickly through any soil, but moves like lightning through sandy soil. If found in your lawn, quackgrass control can be done by either mechanically removing the plant down to the full root or using quackgrass killer. It is important to know that quackgrass is a rhizome, which means that it will sprout new plants from an underground lateral stem, so you should make sure to remove every part of them from that is beneath the ground.

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