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Before we start …

One thing that bioLawn finds so important is to analyze the property we are treating.  We start with an online assessment using high-definition aerial photography, our proprietary software, and knowledge of your neighborhood. Later, we do an on-site assessment. By analyzing your lawn, we can best determine how to treat it.  The technician assigned to your property will evaluate your landscape at each visit and make recommendations on what services are most-needed or adjustments you may need to make in the care (watering, mowing, etc.) of your lawn.  For the benefit of our clients, evaluations, requested service calls, and weed control are complimentary as long as you maintain a full fertilizer program. You also do not need to be present when we visit your property! We will leave you a report in/at your door and/or email this information to you.

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Get started with a fertilizer program

Your lawn is like you – it needs food! Fertilizing provides your lawn with the correct amount of nutrients it needs.  Your soil already has the natural nutrients; however, most soil types do not provide enough for the growing season.  bioLawn provides you with a fertilizing program which is dependent on your lawn’s needs.  The natural ingredients help build up your soil to promote the ideal growth for your turf.

Our fertilizer programs also take into account the seasons.  bioLawn is sensitive to the weather’s effects and we make changes to our products and schedules so your lawn is receiving exactly what it needs at the right time.  Another added benefit to our programs is that we’ve added broad leaf weed control in with our applications.  Please read below about how our weed control works.

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We hate weeds as much as you

bioLawn uses both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed controls.  We place our pre-emergent crabgrass control down in early spring.  Our product helps stop the seeds from germinating.  Remember this is preventive only and works best in early spring.

Our post-emergent weed control is not organic but utilizes the proper organics program.  We realize it is important to many homeowners to have a weed-free lawn, so we’ve developed a post-emergent program that minimizes the toxicity to your lawn. We’d love to use an all organic weed control; however, we have not found one that works 100%.  Our methods use a “going green” or “proper organics” approach.  We use the least toxic, yet effective weed control available to treat your lawn and limit treatments to spot-treating when it is practical to do so.  In conjunction with mixing the product correctly, we minimize the amount of chemicals needed on your lawn.

This method is tricky! For a further explanation contact a representative to explain further.  We’d also be more than happy to do an all-organic program of just pre-emergent weed control.

Residential Pest and Rodent Control

Unwanted pests and rodents are not only bothersome they can be harmful to your lawn and landscape.  They ruin lawns, devour gardens, and cause countless other problems.  bioLawn is one of the few companies that has a natural repellent approach to treating these pests and rodents.  Some common pest and rodents we treat are:

  • Asian Beetles
  • Box elder Bugs
  • Ants
  • Mosquitoes
  • Grubs
  • Moles
  • Rabbits
  • Deer
  • Plus many more

Our Deer and rabbit control applications are organic and only repel the animals without harming them.  Our mole control program both kills and naturally repels these tunneling pests and rodents.  The other pests on this list are killed by the treatment.

Lawn in dire need of help: Lawn Renovations

bioLawn does both spring and fall lawn renovations.  Below is a list of what lawn renovations we do and when we recommend them.

  • Seeding: Fall -This service done in the fall when results are best.
  • Core Aeration: Recommended to do at same time as seeding.
  • Liquid Soil Soft Aerification: This liquid aerification works on a molecular level to break up soil particles to enhance sunlight and water absorption.  Soil soft is done in the early or late spring.
  • Lime: Think you might have a low (acidic) pH level? Have a laboratory soil analysis done.  If testing confirms a pH problem a lime application can help bring your soil back to life.

Don’t forget about your trees, shrubs, and gardens

When considering fertilizer and treatments, people often focus only on their lawn and overlook their gardens, trees and shrubs.  We provide the following:

  • Microinjection disease treatments
  • Deep-root fertilizing for trees and shrubs
  • Full tree and shrub trimming and pruning services

We can treat and prevent Dutch Elm disease, Emerald Ash Borer, Oak Wilt and more.  Our sister company bioTree has arborists who are ready to advise and treat.