Some believe that your lawn reflects different parts of your personality. Whether it’s clean and tidy, covered with lawn ornaments, or made from AstroTurf, we tend to think there’s some truth in that. However, have you ever wondered what grass type best suits your personality? We chose a handful of grasses below. What type of grass are you?

What Type of Grass Are You?


Bentgrass: You’re a little high maintenance and expect a lot out of those who care about you. You don’t find yourself jiving with many other people and your selective about who you hold close. However, your ability to bring new ideas and fresh thinking to situations is always sought after.

bermuda grass.jpg

Bermuda Grass: You’re quite the popular one among your friends. They often find themselves turning to you time after time. Once you have established yourself with someone, your friendships grow quickly and very strong bonds are formed. You’re an all-around likable person!


Ryegrass: You’re a go-getter! You move at about 100 MPH and it can be difficult to get you to slow down. You don’t do too well with criticism (or heat) from others and you may have trouble adapting to change. However, you always  stick close to those around you!

tall fescue

Tall Fescue Grass: Have you been called “rough around the edges”? Then you may be tall fescue. You show resilience and are not easily trampled over. You take pride in being able to thrive through whatever life throws at you! People rely on you to be an unfaltering pillar.

kentucky bluegrass

Kentucky Bluegrass: You like to live life out in the sun! You’re always looking for the next adventure. Bluegrass tend to thrive in an environment that allows them to open up and be themselves. You’re always finding new ways to grow!


Zoysiagrass: You may be slow to trust those around you, but you also have an excellent tolerance for surviving change. Your mood may change with the seasons and you may sometimes retreat into yourself. However, a little bit of warmth  always helps you open up again. Others find your company uplifting!